Travel Gifts Women Love Including Business Travel Gift Ideas

I’m a big traveler. I’ve visited and lived in a several countries in my lifetime. I’ve seen both high class living in my travels abroad and been to visit people in the poorest of poor conditions. Throughout my travels I have come up with a list of travel gifts women love and will find very useful and these are also good business travel gift ideas.

Anyone who is a great traveler understands the importance of traveling, light, simple, yet having the things that bring a little comfort and are essential to heightening the experience of traveling.

travel gifts women 1I’ve been to St. Lucia, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, and just about half of the US states.

Below is a list of 20 items that you absolutely shouldn’t live without when you travel. Depending on the country, whether 3rd world or not, determines which items on this list of the 20 top travel gifts I would like to receive if it was my birthday.

Some of these travel gift ideas are pure luxury while others on the list are pure necessity. Keep in mind everything I pack is not on the list, like an umbrella, toiletries, etc. But I did include some great travel gift ideas that you can use as great top travel gifts for birthdays or business travel gift ideas.

These top travel gifts would be great to put inside a themed gift basket for travel as a birthday gift. Don’t forget to include the actual airline tickets to make your basket or your gift to include true luxury travel gifts.

Travel gifts women love would include a trip to Paris. Make sure to include your Europe insurance information in the basket if you decide to invest in a luxury birthday travel excursion with a gift basket theme of travel.

When I travel abroad for over 1 month, I do have travel insurance that I use. Especially on trips where I do hiking, backpacking, and adventures such as those. It’s worthwhile, and I had peace of mind knowing that if I feel off a cliff, at least I would have insurance so they could medically evacuate me out of “no-man’s land” 🙂

In the travel gifts women love list, I have included the item, a short description, the cost, a link to read more about my top pick travel gifts, and where you can just click to make your purchase.

If you have any questions, just leave it in the comment section below. I’ll do my best to answer what I can.

Item: Beat bottle
Short Description: water bottle that you’re phone will slide into
Cost: $27.60

Item: Travel Bible
Short Description: smallest compact Bible
Cost: $60.91

Item: Assorted TAZO Tea
Short Description: Calming and relaxing both on airplane, hikes, and hotels
Cost: $3.09

Item: Paper Soap
Short Description: Want clean hands without carrying liquid soap? Just add water to this thin paper to have instant soap. Lightweight, easy to carry, always clean hands
Cost: $4.58

Item: Essential Oils
Short Description: use for medicinal purposes, and daily fragrance. Helps to soothe and heal ailments
Cost: $20.99

Item: Slippers/shower shoes
Short Description: Don’t want to catch athlete’s foot when you shower in multiple hotel rooms during travel. Use these.
Cost: $9.99

Item: water bottle with filter
Short Description: Hiking or traveling to a place or country where you are unsure about the water supply. No problem. This bottle has a charcoal filter to keep your water supply tasty and safe.
Cost: $16.49

Item: Travel purse
Short Description: Need something to hold all your necessary items when traveling? Check this convenient purse out!
Cost: $34.11

Item: infusion water bottle
Short Description: A little bit of health, taste, and luxury wrapped up in a water bottle. This top seller is sure to be a great gift.
Cost: $19.95

Item: stub diary with inserts
Short Description: Create memories and capture them on paper. Never forget your travels and keep all your little memorabilia organized along the way.
Cost: $12.04

Item: Travel Airline ticketsSpring Savings! Get $15 off on flight booking with Coupon Code SPRING15
Short Description: What better way to give a travel gift than to actual gift an airline ticket to her favorite place. But don’t forget she doesn’t want to go alone. Discount tickets for two…
Cost: $39.99 +

Item: Travel Insurance
Short Description: Going away for over 1 month. Or going on an adventurous vacation. Have peace of mind knowing your covered if anything happens to you or your belongings.

Item: 360 Camera
Short Description: You need more than pictures that capture face value. You need the surround sight. Check out this 360 camera for capturing all those precious memories
Cost: $399.99

Item: Travel Luggage
Short Description: Can’t go abroad or domestic without a good suitcase. This is an essential for the traveler.
Cost: $137.99

Item: Designer Luggage Tag
Short Description: Hate standing amongst the herd of people looking for a black suitcase. Make you bag stand out and easy to identify with these designer luggage tags. Don’t waste your time searching for that black suitcase. Instead look for this Coach unique designer tag.
Cost: $30.00

Item: Cool Travel Speaker
Short Description: Need your music to pep you up but don’t want to walk around your hotel room with headphones on? Invest in this cool travel speaker that you can hang on a knob
Cost: $34.99

Item: Passport Holder
Short Description: Wearing this around your neck will free up your hands and prevent you from pulling your wallet out everytime you need to show identity in the airport. Be hands-free.
Cost: $10.19

Item: Travel mirror
Short Description: Your never fully dressed without a smile. But make sure there’s no spinach in your teeth with this compact travel mirror
Cost: $4.74

Item: Pee Funnel
Short Description: no place to waste, no privacy. I can’t explain this one in detail. Just go here to see what I’m talking about
Cost: $6.50

Item: Mighty Purse Women’s Smartphone Charging Wristlet
Short Description: Charge on the go and no one will know. Check out this stylish charger
Cost: $109.99

Item: BeoPlay A2
Short Description: powerful and portable Bluetooth speaker with a ground-breaking True360 Omni-directional sound, an unprecedented 24 hours of battery life and a rock-solid aluminum core built for mobility and guaranteeing acoustic stability.
Cost: $399.99

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