Themed Gift Basket Ideas

These themed gift basket ideas would fall under any of the p categories I talked about before. See the 4 p’s of choosing a great gift verses a “meh” gift.

So if your themed basket is Pretty, it must be practical.

Now don’t get an apron, spatula, pots and pans as a gift unless she wants to go to chef college or be on a cooking show one day.

But if you’re a husband and you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift for your wife and she has been asking you to cook a meal with her, then this cooking basket is the perfect themed gift basket idea.

Your themed gift basket can be priceless. It can include all memories of different situations. It can include a collection of something. It can include quality time with her. It can include the history of a past event in her life.

Choose the perfect basket. If you are putting a variety of items, make sure you choose the right size basket. The basket can be plastic or woven, or metal, whatever your preference depending on its use.

Choose one of the 4 P’s and decide on the theme of your themed gift basket.

Perfect- according to the eye of the beholder, what is practical and needed by her

Type or category of food, fitness theme, collection of her favorite things,

Pretty- An accessories themed gift basket is another great idea.

All about the looks,

All things pretty go here.

Pampered-any items that focus on making her better. Self-help books, gift cards to a service, a trip to somewhere exotic like Paris or a faraway tropical island, movie theatre tickets. Or even and movie themed gift basket idea in the pampered category is that she gets to spend precious time with herself doing something that makes her feel good and you have caused that to happen.

For example, if she loves music or plays. You could get her tickets to ….but include in the basket a pair of stylish slippers that she can slide into her purse during the walk to and from her parking. A book about the history of the show. An empty frame in order for her to include a memorable picture from that night. Or if you went to see the Sound of Music on Broadway, you could even include in the themed gift basket the Sound of Music Dvd.

Glass engraving

Change the main idea of the themed gift basket ideas below according to your preference but keep the same type items
Sound of Music Dvd Basket
Edible Popcorn

Trip to Europe Basket
Airline tickets
Travel guide
Disposable camera
Small photo album

Get in shape with friends
Fitness magazine subscription
Smart watch
Exercise DVD
Class pass to her favorite exercise membership
Exercise attire
Tennis shoes
Time with personal trainer

Pretty in Pink
Pink jewelry
Pink lingerie
Pink fingernail polish
Pink perfume bottle
You get the idea

Say Cheese all about photography
Dslr camera or the new Sony….for the gadget for women type girl
Magazine subscription
Camera bag
Personalized strap
Camera accessories
Memory card


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