Choosing Gifts for a Wife by Personality

So you’re on this page because you searching for the best gifts for a wife.

Before we get into the actual gifts, I want to teach you how you can make sure you’re on the right track to choosing your gifts for a wife.

First, you need to choose one of the personality types below.

gifts for a wife 1

  1. Is your wife a person who LOVES spending quality time with people?
  2. Does your wife LOVE doing acts of service for people?
  3. Maybe you wife LOVES to give gifts to others whenever she gets a chance to?
  4. Is your wife a constant touchy feely person to many (in a good way)?
  5. Does your wife use her words to give encouragement to others often?

You may be thinking what does any of this have to do with you choosing the best gifts for a wife. Well, if you determine which of the 5 questions above best describes your wife, then you will be on the direct path to choosing AMAZING gifts for a wife who will absolutely adore you for it.

So if you chose number 1, then the perfect gift for your wife would be spending a special night out with you. Dinner, movie, a walk or drive somewhere that she loves, even a special travel gift together. If you’re low on funds, cook her dinner and spend a date night in the house with her. She will love it.

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Another alternative would be to babysit, or do whatever it takes to allow her to spend a weekend or a night out with her girlfriends. Pay for a gift certificate so she can take her friends out. Plan a party for her. She will be happy just to spend time with someone because that’s her love language.

If you chose number 2 then the best gift for a wife who loves doing acts of service would be a gift that enables her to better serve others.

For example my sister’s love language is acts of service. She loves to do things for others that requires action and her taking her time to do it. Therefore, she loves when others do things to help her out. It speaks love to her. Sad to say, I don’t do it enough for her.

She would love gifts that are little tokens of the fact that I thought of her and took time to give her a gift to lighten her load. A gift certificate to a car wash, a certificate to get a mani/pedi…things like that would be the best gifts for a wife who loves doing acts of service for others. Even if you hired maid service for a day.

If your wife falls into category number 3 in that she loves to gift gifts. Now you don’t have to go crazy on this one, but the more gift the merrier. Depending on your budget is how you can progress with this one. Basically she will love every gift you buy and the more the merrier. A themed gift basket is a good idea for this gift.

If your wife is touchy feeling like I described in number 4, then she will love spending quality time with you just being nuzzled next to you. She would also like a facial, manicure, pedicure. Things like that that involve touch.

And lastly, if your wife was a number 5’er then words of encouragement and affirmation she loves. So you could get a personalized gift with engraved words on the front. A locket, charm, jewelry box, a book of poems, maybe even a poem that you wrote. These gifts will go a long way with her. And don’t forget a card to go with the gift. Make sure you specially pick a card that is very meaningful and you be sure to write a little something in the card as well. She will love you for it.

The gifts and the categories I mention above are ideas from Gary Chapman’s the 5 love languages. It’s a great read and very interesting. I have found this concept to be so true in the lives of many people I know.



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