Gift a Magazine Subscription as a Great Birthday Gift

Gift a magazine subscription as a great birthday gift if you are in search of that perfect gift for her but don’t have a lot of time. Want the gift to be meaningful and last for the entire birthday year.

Think about the fact that some birthday gifts last only for the hour (like dinner for 2), or a gift lasts for the day, (like a $100 bill or gift card), but you have the option when you gift a magazine subscription for your birthday gift to her to linger on for her entire birthday year!

gift a magazine subscription 1

Now that’s a true birthday gift, wouldn’t you say?

So you ask which magazine subscription should you buy? Well, again it goes back to investigating the recipient.

Take me for example. I love home house health style and baby magazines. If you were my friend, you would have to pick up on verbal cues like. “I went to Macy’s today and just browsed through the home department.” Or I think I want to change the colors in my living room.” “Did you know that babies have more bones that adults?”

The first two statements indicate that home and fashion is of interest to me. The last question about babies indicates that I like reading cool facts that might be found in a baby magazine.

Picking up on verbal cues like these, or even scanning a person’s house for the types of books they have on their bookshelf, knowing their favorite hobby or things they like to do in their spare time. These are all great ways to figure out which topic when you decide to gift a magazine subscription as a birthday gift.

And of course if you’re on a budget, there are all sorts of options for cheap magazine subscriptions.

I’ll list them below.

You can browse the sight and see if they offer the magazine choice of your liking.

In my research I’ve found that they are all pretty much the same price and features. I saw many cheap magazines subscriptions that would make great birthday year gifts.

The differences in the websites would be the layout and style of each of them. Some have more of a variety of magazines than others. And some websites are strictly topical meaning they feature all of one topic magazine like all business, etc.

So bottom line when you ask yourself which magazine subscription should you buy…You’ll want to make sure you read all the fine print when it comes to purchasing a magazine subscription.

I’ve had great headaches with the company automatically renewing my subscription without my prior knowledge. Or not cancelling when I when through the proper procedures in order to cancel the subscription. So read all of the fine print.

Here are some perfect magazine subscription for as a gift. Click the image for pricing options.

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