Fragrance Gift Sets

So I did a little research for you to help you choose a fragrance women would love or even fragrance gifts sets but I must say my results came up inconclusive.

There are many websites that will have you answer a series of questions to come up with the fragrance most suited for a person depending on their personality, food, style, and choice preference. I took about 3 of those mini quizzes online and all three yielded different results for me.

One said I like fresh scents, the other said I like spicy scents, one said deep, dark, mystical scents.

fragrance gift sets 1I’d personally say they were all wrong. Yes, while I may like dark chocolate, and other deep tastes to eat, that does not mean I like spicy scents.

And yes, some days I love fresh scent like. Mariah Carey’s Luscious Pink. In fact, I used the entire bottle. And that is rare because half way through my perfume, I usually change according to my mood and the season.

Below I’ll list my favorites and try to describe the scent to you.

Scents smell different on every single person because all of our body’s chemistry is different. They our body chemistry mixes with the chemicals in the perfume and produces a scent.

The best way to choose fragrance gift sets as a gift or to choose a fragrance that women love is to either investigate when you take her to the mall, look at her perfume bottle collection and see which one she is low on, check out her favorite candle and take it to the store to find one similar to that smell, or go perfume shopping and choose one by spraying on a card.

You can try stores like Bath & Body Work to look for fragrance gift sets or you can even try one of the many popular Victoria Secret fragrance gift sets.

If you definitely know her favorite scent, then by all means choose fragrance gift sets that go along with her top 5 fragrance choices.

Also, department store ladies are great at helping you choose a scent based on what type of scent you describe to them that the women you are choosing for wears. They can help you by asking you questions like…do you smell flowers or musk?….is it a light and airy scent or deep and heavy? These questions will narrow your search.

They’ll use these words when they ask questions–citrusy, fresh, florally, oriental, sweet, spicy, or woody.

So say you’re shopping for fragrance gift sets for your friends or the women in your family, you may ask…

 What’s the difference between cologne, toilette, parfum, and perfume?

This is the small print found on the bottom of a perfume bottle or the box. It’s what makes the difference in the $$$.

Eau de Cologne

  • Up to 5% oil mixed with alcohol and water.

  • Eau de Toilette

  • Up to 8% oil but mixed with alcohol instead of water

Eau de Parfum

  • Between 15-18% perfume oil mixed with alcohol. More expensive than the first 2

  • Perfume

  • Anywhere from 15-30% perfume oil mixed with alcohol. Can be the most expensive of all the above.

Here’s a list of my favorite perfumes and I’ll do my best to describe the scent to you. Click the link for pricing options.

After being pregnant and going through major scent strike. I stopped using anything scented including scented soap. I have slowly weaned myself back onto scents but I tend to make my own perfumes now.

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