Choosing the Right Scrapbook Kit

I know so many people who are die hard scrapbookers. They have the stickers the scissors, the cutters, the paper, scrapbook kit 1the special organizers to hold all the beads, strings, and bells. I so admire them for this art that they invest in. It’s beautiful. They even have clubs and monthly subscriptions to kit clubs which may be a gift that you would like to consider.

Also, when subscribing to a club you are able to get discount scrapbooking supplies at a good rate. And they deliver straight to your door each month.

I find myself from time to time picking up stickers and paper when I see it in stores on sale with hopes that someday I will make time to include this intriguing hobby on my list of “to do” things.

I love pictures and I love taking them of my new baby girl. But I wish I could somehow instantly print them and put them straight in an album. An instant printer would be a good birthday gift for me.

A scrapbook kit falls under the P category of both priceless and perfect. See my post about the 4 P’s of choosing the right birthday gift.

However for the scrapbooking pro I’ve found out that you can’t just choose any scrapbook kit from the store for her birthday. She’s very particular about the doo-dads that she likes. She has a certain style that she’s after when she creates her artwork.

For those reasons you may consider digital scrapbooking software listed below. The digital scrapbooking software is usually pretty reasonably priced at a range of $19.99-$39.99 monthly. And just for that set fee, you are able to print only the patterns and styles that you love. Leaving out the extras.

Here are two you can check out.



  • I love the fact that you can order a hard copy cd version at no extra cost to you.
  • Low one-time cost of 39.99.
  • **If you use my coupon code STMMMS2141 you can save $10 which would bring the cost of MyMemories Suite to $29.99.
  • The company allows you to try their software with a free download.
  • There is a very active forum that goes along with your purchase. I was so inspired just browsing as a guest. I wanted to purchase and start scrapbooking immediately.
  • The company offers many free “kits” or for us amateurs…scrapbook background paper.


  • I was not able to see a sample of the templates and tools that come in the downloadable software.
  • IN the features list, there was no numbers showing the amount of templates, backgrounds, etc. that I would receive with the software download.
  • However, keep in mind that you can download a trial copy to test it out.

Here’s another software that have rave reviews.


  • Low one-time cost of 29.00 sale. You can also get a FREE trial.
  • The company included the total amount of everything that you will receive as far as templates, backgrounds and such in the features list.
  • You are able to see samples of what the templates look like.
  • There seems to be a huge Facebook following.
  • There were videos to help in understanding how the software works before you order.


  • The lingo on the website was a little confusing for me as I am not a scrap booker. I had to search around before I figured out what “Scrapbook Max” really was which is their main selling item.
  • You get a free bonus content pack with your purchase, but I was not sure what was in it.


A good birthday gift suggestion would be buy her a monthly subscription to a kit club. Save 10% today with code CS10


Here’s another scrapbook kit club monthly membership.

It’s is only a $1 investment. Gift it as a birthday gift and let your recipient know that you are paying a 6-month, 3-month, 1-yr subscription to the kit club as a birthday gift. Put the name of the website and access details in a beautiful card and there you have your awesome scrapbook kit birthday gift for her. She will love you for it!

I think this is a great idea because…

  • You can choose how many months you will pay according to the budget amount for her birthday gift
  • She will get super training if she’s not really a pro or even if she is a pro
  • She will have awesome material at her fingertips and ready to use instantly.
  • It’s super easy to download and trial for your recipient.
  • Membership site and video classes
  • Includes free e-books and also training on how to start your own scrapbooking business. The videos are clear simple hands on demonstrations that a person can follow and do at the same time as the video. And you also get access to a membership site and free monthly videos with new content monthly.


Lastly, in my research of helping you choose the right scrapbook kit birthday gift for her, it was a little overwhelming, mainly because the scrapbooking world has a language of its own. So unless you have the time to research and figure out which subscription best suites her needs for scrapbooking, I  would just go with a subscription that has a money back guarantee with high reviews.

And don’t forget. When you give her a birthday card that includes the access details make sure you personally record them in a secure place and mark on your calendar when you will email or call customer service in order for you to end the subscription at the time of your choosing.

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