Choosing Birthday Gifts for Her Checklist

So you’re here because you want the absolute best birthday gifts for her that will make her smile. It could be for your aunt, sister, mom, co-worker, bff, daughter, significant other…you name her. Figuring out how to choose the perfect gift can be a very daunting task especially if you have run out of ideas, money, time, or simply don’t know her very well.

Ibirthday gifts for her 1’m here to help! I want to teach you the 4 p’s. I call it the  choosing birthday gift checklist. Remembering and using these 4 “p’s” will help you to find practical birthday gifts but also inexpensive practical gifts and gifts that she will love.

Here are the 4 P’s. Please keep in mind your birthday gifts for her do not have to include all 4 P’s.


Just using one of these methods will insure you find the perfect birthday gift surprise.

These P’s don’t mean what you think of initially so keep reading.

Your gift must be Perfect

Well you’re here because you’re having a hard time finding the perfect gift and you want to know how to choose the perfect gift. So here’s what I mean by perfect…your gift must “hit the spot”. You want her to say,” this is exactly what I needed and wanted. So you must find clues by listening, looking, and investigating.

Perfect can almost mean practical. Something she will use. It’s nice in the eye of the beholder. Practical birthday gifts can be the best! And if you’re on a budget, inexpensive practical gifts may be what you’re looking for. Even if you don’t have a budget, follow the tips to find that perfect gift.

If you know the person…

Think of what they said they needed. Bring up a conversation trying to pry without being obvious. Look at her style…big purses or small purses. What kind of accessories does she wear if any?

Does she have a hobby? If so, what can you add to her collection? Maybe she scrapbooks, and you can get her something along those lines.

Perhaps she does photography. Maybe she’d enjoy an online photography class.

What if she is not a creative? Is she all about business? A pen, pencil set, briefcase, things to help her stay organized?

Does she stay at home with the kids all day? See the pampering section for how to choose birthday gifts for her.

Is she a traveler? Where do you remember she said she would love to go? If you can’t afford a ticket. Buy her a book or movie taking place there.

You even can find someplace to go out that has the same ambiance and feeling as the place she would like to visit. See DIY birthday gifts.

Is she a gadget girl? Check out the latest gadgets by visiting an electronic store and browsing the displays or going to Amazon and browsing the top selling gadgets to get an idea of what she might use.

What if you don’t really know the person? They are a complete stranger to you…personally I opt for a gift card in this case. Also edibles are nice with a friendly card.

You can also ask someone they know. I was a teacher for over 15 years and countless times many people would ask my sister who taught at the same school as I did what store I shopped at in order to get me a gift card to my favorite store. I always LOVED those gifts. They were perfect!

This P’s goal is to get your recipient to say….Oh my….this is the Perfect gift! How did you know? Thanks so much!

Your gift must be Pretty

Now maybe she isn’t all about frills and lace. No problem, check out the pampering or the priceless section. This p is all about the eye. Clothes, makeup, purses, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, watches, scarves, etc. All the stuff that adds to her inner beauty.

The prettier the better. Make her say, wow this looks gorgeous on me. Or, I feel like a million bucks when I wear this. Or I haven’t seen anyone with this type of… If she says any of these, you know you struck gold with one of your birthday gifts for her.

What’s her birthstone color?

Does she carry designer purses?

Does she wear diamonds? or cubic zirconia?

Find her favorite item and go buy something similar to what she has. She’ll love it.

My husband tells me that jewelry is a last minute gift for men to buy when they don’t know what else to buy. I don’t agree, but hey maybe he knows better than me. All I know is that I love his last minute gifts. They are wonderful and he always gets the perfect pieces of jewelry. And my husband likes to buy in sets so that makes for an amazing birthday gift for me.

Your gift must be Pampering

Now this category is for those who either make a habit of getting regular pampering like manicures, pedicures, facials, massages. If you ever heard them say I have a Blank appointment, then you know that they get these services. Then a gift card to their favorite place would go a long way with them.

Also for that mom who stays home with the kids all day, who has NEVER gotten any pampering done because she doesn’t have the time or maybe can’t afford it, then this is a nice gift to get her. Yes, she may feel a little awkward at first, but convince her that she deserves this amazing gift and deserves to be pampered.

I don’t often like to splurge on myself, so whenever I have received this type of gift…I loved it!

Your gift must be Priceless

This category is one of my favorites.

This includes, photos, keepsakes, pictures, monogramed items, etc. Anything that captures a memory either from the past or is being make as you give her the gift.

For example, if you give her a little crystal plague that says something sweet and sentimental, something that she could never put a price tag on….you have just given something that money can buy.

Here’s another example. My grandmother passed away years ago and sometime after that, I took a photo to an artist and had him paint a portrait of my grandmother. I gave it to my mom for her birthday. My mother cried and said nothing. At first I thought I got the wrong gift, but they I later knew that the gift was priceless.

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If you can get a reaction like that from your gift then you know it met the requirement of the Priceless P was met and you may rest easy.

There are many companies online that make blankets, calendars, mouse pads, embroidery, engraving, customized books, etc.

These are all gifts that money can’t buy even though it seems like it.


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