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So you’re here because you have a loved one or someone you want to send a gift to there. The “here” and the “there” extends the international border. You are on the search for the best international flower delivery service.

You could be sending to a family member, a significant other, a business partner, a company team member, etc.

How thoughtful of you to want to send a gift from the other side of the globe! I’m sure the recipient of your gift will think the world of you and appreciation your effort involved with choosing the right gift, whether floral or otherwise, and sending it.

Here are the things to look for when choosing the best international flower delivery service.


When choosing a gift, you want to know that you receive value in exchange for money. You can expect the cost of international flower delivery service to be somewhat pricey because there are a lot of factors involved in the whole process of sending internationally.

The size of the gift or floral arrangement is one determinant in the price of your selection. If you choose to send a floral arrangement, the type of flower and the type of vase are both factors to consider in pricing. Often glass vases versus plastic vases can raise the cost.

Flower costs are also determined by the season of blooming. So if you choose a rare flower, expect to pay a little more for your arrangement.

Also, the maintenance of the flower you choose directly impacts the cost of the arrangement.

Now, of course, if you know nothing about flowers then it will be pretty difficult to consider whether or not a flower is in season or not. But just keep in mind when you are browsing websites looking for the best international flower delivery service, these are some of the factors that impact the cost of the international flower delivery service.

Geographical location of the recipient impacts the cost as well. Is the recipient of your gift in a remote location or mainstream city. What is the weather like where the recipient lives. The location of the international flower delivery service in proximity to the recipient impacts the cost of the gift.

The occasion or season in the country to which you are delivering (whether it is holiday) impacts the cost of the arrangement. For instance, in the US, when it is a major holiday such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. You will see the cost of flowers and delivery service triple and quadruple in price.

Other countries also celebrate their national holidays as well. So research to find out if your dates of delivery coincide with a national holiday. If so, you may consider adjusting your date of delivery by a couple of days in order to lower your cost.


You are not limited to sending flowers only. The best international flower delivery service will give you the option of adding on another gift or choosing something different besides a floral arrangement.

Good international flower delivery service offer selections such as themed gift baskets, edible treats, balloons, stuffed animals, etc. You are not just limited to flowers.


When do you want to your recipient to receive your gift? If you are expecting same day delivery flowers then expect to pay out of pocket for same day service. It’s worth it, especially knowing that your gift will be delivered exactly the day you want it to.

If you’re not in an extreme hurry, or don’t have to meet any deadlines, then of course it will lower the cost of your gift.


The old expression “you get what you pay for” applies here. In order to have the peace of mind knowing that the international flower delivery service company that you select will do that which it guarantees, thoroughly read and check the company’s satisfaction guarantee.

Read the small print. If by chance your same day delivery does not happen on the day that you expected, how will the company compensate your purchase?


Notification by email, text, or phone when your gift is delivered, 24-7 live customer service chat, online tracking links are all ways for the best international flower delivery service to engage with its customers.

Choose a company that practices these excellent customer service features.

Here are three companies below that meet the criteria listed above.


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